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Singclean: Unveiled Singfiller® and Singderm® in IMCAS ASIA 2024, Poised for Thailand's Big Launch

2024/6/25 12:14:23

BANGKOK, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Singclean, a global player and a leading Chinese manufacturer of high-quality medical aesthetic products, was excited to announce in IMCAS Asia that Singfiller® and Singderm® HA fillers will launch in Thailand this November. Although still not officially certified in Thailand, Singfiller® and Singderm®'s global excellent performance and good reputation have sparked interest among local agents and doctors, who eagerly await their introduction to bring new vitality and choices to Thailand's medical aesthetics field.

IMCAS Asia 2024 - Academic Lecture of Singclean

Dr. Chen Li, a renowned Chinese plastic surgeon, presented an amazing symposium "Exploration on the Clinical Application of Layered Anti-aging and Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation" combined with cutting-edge anti-aging technology of Singfiller® and Singderm® onsite.

Figure 1: Dr.Chen Li , Chinese renowned plastic surgeon
Figure 1: Dr.Chen Li , Chinese renowned plastic surgeon

He pointed out, "dermal fillers with different particle sizes and elasticity should be injected into different skin levels, which is the concept of layered anti-aging." His lecture, centering on choosing right filler for injection site offered a captivating exploration of medical aesthetics to experts, scholars, and industry professionals present by perfectly integrating aesthetic principles with injection techniques.

Figure 2: Singfiller & Singderm launch in Thailand
Figure 2: Singfiller & Singderm launch in Thailand

Singfiller®, biphasic dermal filler, has five specifications with different particle sizes. Small particles type is injected into dermis for improving superficial wrinkles. Medium particles type is injected into middle and deep dermis, superficial fat and deep fat compartments for improving moderate facial wrinkles. Large particles type is injected into periosteum layer for deep soft tissue filling and contour shaping.

Singderm®, monophasic dermal filler with superior viscosity, cohesivity and elasticity is ideal for deep layer filling, both for volume adding and face sculpting, and thus making it a universal filler.

Both Singfiller® and Singderm® have achieved full coverage in all provinces in China and are popular in over 30 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

Valued at USD 1.46 billion in 2023, the Thai aesthetic medicine market is characterized by substantial demand. However, at the same time, competition is fierce. Singclean embraces the philosophy that "competition breeds champion". By cooperating with local partners, Singclean is committed to enhancing injection training, after-sales service and continuously offering innovative aesthetic solutions to meet customers' demands, like PLLA filler and PDRN skin booster.

Singfiller® and Singderm®'s launch in Thailand will definitely accelerate Singclean's global strategic expansion. Moving forward, Singclean will leverage its strengths in R&D, manufacturing, quality controlling and services to advance the development of global medical aesthetics industry.

Contact:Lydia Liu, Regional Manager
Tel.:+86 13916991572

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